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In order to join the ranks of the Scholia Arcana, everyone must first pass a trial. Normally, each aspiring member spends years training in order to be able to pass the trial, but the Fateless One is allowed to be initiated regarding the special circumstances surrounding the hero.


  • Talk to Docent Augra Tenet in the Scholia Arcana Embassy. She will give you the key to the Scholia Arcana, a book on The Scholia Arcana and tell you that if you want to join you need to talk to Savant Engar.
    Sorceress InitiationRitual

    Strange Sorceress

  • Savant Engar will tell you that there is an initiation trial. Enter the glyph, fight through all of the opponents until the end where you will meet and talk briefly with a strange sorceress.
    • You cannot kill the Sorceress. She says "I could kill you now, but I have plans for those who watch from the shadows. Now be gone!"
  • After talking with the Sorceress, she vanishes and the Fateless One reappears in the trial room, where many of the mages who participated in the Ritual are lying dead on the floor.
  • Talk with Savant Engar again who will welcome you to the Scholia Arcana and give you your next quest The Ruin of Aodh.


Some notable loot found includes:

  • Various loot found on the bodies of the enemies
  • Random chests and hidden objects


Prior to entering the initiation circle, loot the warded chest behind the altar to the north of the same room.  After the Initiation, it will be refilled and warded again as well as all chests inside the Delving Hall.

A book about Aodh will appear in the first room after the initiation is complete.


If refusing Augra Tenet's offer the first time you speak with her about joining the Scholia Arcana, sometimes the option of joining doesn't come up as a dialogue option after speaking with her again.