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Troll mel senshir

A Troll in the Tuatha army

Trolls are a type of wild Fae and are related to the Fae of Winter and Summer courts. They tend to roam the wilderness either alone or followed by a small number of Boggarts. Trolls are slow, highly armored and resistant to magic creatures with devastating melee attacks. They also possess a ranged attack which, although weaker, can prove a nuisance.

Tuatha Deohn use Trolls in their army, part as heavy storm units and part as siege engines.

There are four known varieties of Trolls:


Trolls are very large, gorilla-like Fae who possess brutish strength and wield large tree trunks as clubs in combat. They are twice as tall as a human but stand and move hunched over. Their legs are shorter than their arms and they often walk on three or all four limbs. Thick brown fur covers their back and head and their back and arms are encrusted with rock-like protrusions.

As Trolls are Fae, they can be corrupted by Prismere and turned into Prismere Trolls. Prismere Trolls are more powerful and unpredictable than their Rock and Mountain counterparts and have chunks of Prismere crystal imbedded in their back and arms. The Prismere corruption also causes the Troll's eyes to turn red.

Strategies on fighting a Troll[]

A Troll is a powerful but slow enemy who has a lot of health and deals heavy damage if its hit connects. Trolls are mainly melee enemies but possess a relatively powerful ranged attack and a very powerful charge attack. If kept at range, a Troll can smash the ground, sending a shockwave towards the player in a straight line that can be dodged fairly easily or rapidly charge towards the player on its hind legs while wielding its club with both arms. The Troll will glow blue prior to both attacks. The charge attack is by far a Troll's most powerful attack and the surprisingly fast speed of the charge can catch an unprepared player off guard. The charge attack should be dodged at all costs as the massive damage will hit through shields and stun the player.

Trolls are best tackled from medium or long range, as they are slow and both of their ranged attacks are easily dodged. If the player is more melee-oriented, try to stay behind the Troll and circle and dodge while attacking as the Troll has hard-hitting melee attacks. As with all powerful enemies, try and combo your attacks to knock the troll down.

Trolls are resistant to all three types of elemental damage (FireIceLightning) and are hit hardest by Piercing damage, making a Longbow with Finesse build or the Shadow Flare Ability the best weapon to take down a Troll with minimal loss of health. 


  • HP: High
  • Resistances: resists Physical, Piercing, Lightning, Fire, Ice
  • Special Attacks: Club Smash, Rock Scatter
  • Difficulty: Medium



  1. Requires the Teeth of Naros DLC