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Liordran wants me to place the ring of his beloved, Alleia, on an altar inside Rahnil. He can't accomplish this task himself because Alleia forbade him entering Rahnil when he refused to join her and the Tuatha army.


  • Talk to Liordran who is located near Balor's Crossing, the path from The Keening into Drowned Forest. He asks you to deliver Alleia's Ring into the hollow Rahnil.   Liordan provides Sagecraft master training which can be accessed prior to, during, and after this quest.  His map marker, however, does not show as a trainer until after you accept this quest.
  • The hollow Rahnil is located due south of Liordran's position, at the beginning of Balor's route to Mel Senshir - the place where he was summoned.
  • The hollow itself is a linear dungeon, filled with Boggarts and Bog Threshes. In the deepest part there is an altar, where the Fateless One must place the ring.
  • Liordran can be found waiting outside the hollow. He provides more information about Balor's summoning and ends the quest (level-based XP ~3100 at level 38, but no Gold).