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Tuatha Deohn are a non-playable faction in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. They are the twisted and corrupted incarnation of the Winter Fae.


Tuatha (too-AH-thah) Deohn

Brutal. Aggressive. Destructive. The Tuatha Deohn are a sect of Winter Fae who have unleashed chaos upon Amalur. The Tuatha wage war against all mortals. When leadership of the Court of Winter was usurped by the malevolent Gadflow, the new king seized control of the Winter houses and brainwashed his people to war under the banner of the Tuatha Deohn. Gadflow's attack upon the Alfar Kingdoms is driven by his devotion to a newfound god, Tirnoch, whom the mad ruler claims is being born within the crystalline cradle of the Winter Fae - the hollow of Amethyn.

Armed with deadly weapons forged from prismere, the Tuatha are a relentless foe. When one falls in battle, another soon emerges from the Hollows to take up arms. It is uncertain how long the mortal kingdoms can hope to stand against this ruthless onslaught.




Bisarane claims that the Tuatha Deohn refer to themselves as Fa Cela'de, which he translates as "the Faithful".


  • The name "Tuatha Deohn" could come from the Gaelic term "Tuathà de Dànànn", which was the Gaelic pantheon of gods in the legends of the Gaels. It literally means " The Tribe of Dana", Dana being the mother of most gods and a figurehead in Gaelic mythos. Taking into account the way that the creative team borrowed heavily from pre-Christian Celtic legends, this is probably the safest assumption.
  • The name could also derive from the Gaelic word "Deo" meaning "Forever". With this in mind, "Tuatha Deohn" would translate to "Nations of Forever," alluding to both their immortality and insistence on eradicating mortals.