Twists of Fate are special cards, similar to Destinies, that add passive bonuses to a character when unlocked. They are not tied to Destinies in any way, however; one's Destiny has no bearing on what Twists they can use, and vice versa. They can be unlocked through standard gameplay, typically as quest rewards, or by purchasing DLC.

Some are a choice you have to make at the end of a quest, therefore cannot be obtained simultaneously with another. These include the Warsworn, Travelers and Scholia Arcana Twists.

Main Story[edit | edit source]

Unwritten One[edit | edit source]

You are truly a blank slate, able to chose your own destiny, as witnessed and proclaimed by the High King Titarion himself.


  • +3% Experience Bonus
  • +5% Gold

Unraveller[edit | edit source]

You have defeated Octienne and exposed his scheming, thereby proving that unmaking the threads of Fate is often as important as measuring and spinning them.


  • +5% Experience Bonus

Siegebreaker[edit | edit source]

You changed the course of the war and defeated the Greater Niskaru, Balor. Songs of your bravery and heroism will be sung for generations.


  • +4% Experience Bonus
  • +6% Damage

Unstoppable Force[edit | edit source]

The Guardian of Pride, the Invincible Dren, fell before your indomitable power. You liberated the House of Pride and opened the path to your final confrontation with Gadflow.


  • +6% Physical Damage
  • +7% Gold

Destiny Defiant[edit | edit source]

You defeated Tirnoch and ended the Crystal War; the enormity of these events will resound throughout Amalur forever. As a result of your actions the world is now free from the constraints of merciless fate.


  • +5% Damage
  • +5% Damage Resistance
  • +10% Health
  • +10% Mana

House of Ballads[edit | edit source]

Iconoclast[edit | edit source]

You forever changed the songs of old by choosing to write your own history, and become the new ruler of House of Ballads.


  • +10% Damage with Faeblades
  • +6% Mana
  • +3% Chance to Steal 5 Health

Warsworn[edit | edit source]

Note: you can only obtain one of these two twists. These will be affected by your in-game choices.

Forsworn[edit | edit source]

By accepting the Niskaru Lord Khazamandu's blessing atop Cloudrest Mountain, you became the scourge of Warsworn, rather than their champion.


  • +10% Physical Damage
  • +1 to Might Abilities
  • +5% Fire Damage

Truesworn[edit | edit source]

By defeating Anru Besin and his Fahrlangi atop Cloudcrest Mountain, you joined the ranks of the legendary heroes of the Warsworn.


  • +1 to Might Abilities
  • +10% Chance to Critical Hit vs. Niskaru
  • +6% Stun Duration

Travelers[edit | edit source]

Note: you can only obtain one of these two twists. These will be affected by your in-game choices.

The Chariot[edit | edit source]

The stuff of legend among the Travelers, you use the shadows like no other, staying out of sight and out of mind... Until it is time to strike.


  • +1 to Finesse Abilities
  • +6% Piercing Damage

Temperance[edit | edit source]

Prudence is what's important. Not bravado, not chivalry. Pragmatism is your ally in combat - - evading stronger foes and crippling them at their weakest.

  • +1 to Finesse Abilities
  • +6% Evade Chance

Scholia Arcana[edit | edit source]

Note: you can only obtain one of these two twists. These will be affected by your in-game choices.

Fearless[edit | edit source]

Imbued with the tempered indifference of Archsage Caledus, no foe or challenge gives you pause.


  • +5% Elemental Damage
  • +1 to Sorcery Abilities

Disciplined[edit | edit source]

Imbued with the tempered ambition of Archsage Caledus, you are filled with a hardened resolve and feel capable of achieving any goal.


  • +5% Elemental Resistance
  • +1 to Sorcery Abilities

House of Sorrows[edit | edit source]

Child of Autumn[edit | edit source]

You are the last member of the House of Sorrows, forced to bear witness to the end of one of the oldest institutions in the Faelands.


  • +5% Elemental Damage
  • +5% Damage vs. Fae

House of Valor[edit | edit source]

Undisputed Champion[edit | edit source]

Despite all odds, you defeated the Champion of the Valor Arena and claimed the title of Grand Champion as your own.


  • +5% Damage
  • +5% Damage Resistance

Pre-order[edit | edit source]

Harbinger[edit | edit source]

Preternaturally aware of the motion of Fate, you not only alter the destinies of your slain enemies but can absorb some of their experiences as well. You can only this if you have the destinies choice pack.


  • +2% XP gain while in Reckoning Mode

Demo[edit | edit source]

Confident[edit | edit source]

You follow your path with uncommon coolness and ease, rarely letting your situation suffer from extremes.


  • +5% Ice Resistance
  • +5% Fire Resistance

DLC[edit | edit source]

Master of Gravehal[edit | edit source]

Only the wisest and most influential warriors are called to rule upon the throne, and now you can count yourself among them, claiming your legacy as master of Gravehal Keep.


  • +10% Gold
  • +1 Persuasion
  • +1 Mercantile

The Scion[edit | edit source]

You have claimed the powerful blessing of Akara, the ancient being that has dwelled beneath the mysterious island of Gallows End since the dawn of time.


  • +2% XP
  • +10% Elemental Damage

The Buccaneer[edit | edit source]

By slaying the notorious pirate king Dead Kel, you have proven yourself cunning and resourceful, the master pirate hunter of the vast and treacherous Frostbreak Sea.


  • +3% Chance to Critical Hit
  • +5% Physical Resistance
  • -10% Equip Requirements

Beckoned[edit | edit source]

You accepted the challenge of a mysterious voice: to bear a strange artifact into a hostile land and realize her will by changing the course of fate.


  • +10% Damage while in Reckoning Mode

Herald Of The Gods[edit | edit source]

By raising the Hyperian, you are the weaver of Idylla's fate, and the shaper of destiny for all of the Kollossae for ages to come.


  • +2% Experience Bonus
  • +5% Bleeding Damage Resistance

Trailblazer[edit | edit source]

You so thoroughly explored the Teeth of Naros that no inhabitant is foreign to you, no path unfamiliar, and no secret hidden


  • +1 to Finesse Abilities
  • + 5% to Piercing Damage

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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