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Its icon depicts a sword crossing a wooden club, indicative of the duel with Nix the troll. This ballad is also featured on a series of Fae Cairns: Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.


Two Knights[]

The story of two valiant souls I bring.
Of the lords named Airmer and Creth, I sing.
Two hearts united against common foes,
The thoughts in mind of one, the other knows.
Lord Creth, of Fae knights most stoic and grave,
Lord Airmer's knight hand and shadow, the brave.
And genteel Airmer, his equal in might,
The dawn to Creth's dusk, the day to his night.
Here is the tale of how they stopped a troll;
The Maid of Windemere misled its soul.

The Troll[]

The troll named Nix had a most troubled heart,
In nature it was displeased with its part.
It hated its difference from the norm,
And wished to shed its current form.
In grief, it went to the Maid Windemere.
She motioned to Nix, and beckoned him near.
'It is your wish to be human, I see,'
She whispered to the troubled troll, in glee.
I shall grant you your wish, and make you so.'
'You are a human now,' she cackled, 'go!'

Again the Maid of Windemere[]

And so the troll named Nix, to town it came,
Never suspecting it was still the same.
It crushed the road and split in two the wall,
And Creth and Airmer were surely to fall.
They faced the troll and fought to no avail.
The wise knights knew what was wrong in our tale.
'The treacherous Maid Windemere at play.'
'We know, in part, what is wrong with this Fae.'
And so, Lord Airmer shouted to Lord Creth,
'Challenge this troll to a duel to the death!'


The troll, still under the wicked Maid's spell,
And was human, it thought, and all was well,
Rampaged throughout the countryside in joy,
And treated everything as its toy.
Lord Airmer slowly approached it and said,
'If you are human, deal as such instead.'
'Face us properly, if that is your fate.'
'Duel us, and reveal the truth of your state.'
Then the troll and Fae did battle and fought.
Alas, all was not as the troll had thought.

A Balance[]

After he had won, Lord Creth said to Nix,
With a mind to ease and a will to fix,
'You are a troll, and that is good, my friend,'
'You have no faults, in truth, no wrong to mend.'
'But if it be your wish to join their kind,'
'A better way we will help you to find.'
'There is nought wrong with following your will,'
As long as it does not bring others ill.'
Again the heroes of honor stayed true:
The story of a Troll and the Knights two.

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