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Two Knights and a Troll is the third quest in the House of Ballads questline.



You are tasked with a ballad of your own this time. Seek out Tenhwa in the Ballads Library between Webwood and Haxhi. Tenhwa is in quite a bind but you can lend her a hand in a bit. Head to the upstairs room and loot the Fae cache for the Skill Book (Dispelling). On the ground floor you can loot the Treasures of Meropis off the desk before heading out to Sundur Caverns in northern Haxhi.

Nix the troll

Nix the Troll

Outside of the caverns you can find Two Knights and a Troll, Part I lorestone lying on the ground. Approaching the entrance to Sunder Caverns triggers a set encounter with Sprites and a Sprite Champion, even if you have just cleared them. Enter Sunder Caverns and talk to Sir Airmer to receive part V of the series. Staying near your companions will allow you to help them survive.  If you do not keep up with them they tend to perish. Go west and north to find two Bears and a chest, then take a detour west to find three more bears. Continue north and slay the Barghest then snag part III from the middle of the room. As you move east you can take yet another detour north and fight off some Barghest before continuing. As you leave the next room a group of Sprites will surround you, so don't get surprised.

Follow the path past another group of Sprites and up part IV. Turn the corner and go a little ways down the corridor to find Nix the Troll. A few Sprites spawn so put your focus on them while your Fae partners hold off Nix. Fight Nix like any other Troll and he will soon go down, dropping part II to complete the Cairns. Loot the two chests to the south and make your way back to the Ballads Library. Use the Echostone in the next room over and play all the parts of the ballad. Recite the counter-spell ("You are human now! go!") and return to the King at the House of Ballads. The Maid of Windemere will be there in his place, apparently she has taken over.  Go speak to Hallam, he has a plan (the next quest - What Lies Beneath) should you choose to accept it and your quest completion reward (XP and Gold, both level-dependant).


Skill Book (Dispelling) - in the Fae Cache in the Ballads Library


Nix will not appear until you have 4 out of 5 of the cairns.

If you need time to loot prior to completing the cavern, simply do not pick up the Cairn stone in a room. Sir Airmer and Sir Creth will happily insult you while you loot or heal prior to picking up the stone. You can even go back to the first hidden pile of rocks with them following.

After the first Cairn stone, keep up with the Knights for the first Sprite attack. Then let them run ahead of you. Since it is the Fateless One's presence that triggers the next Sprite attack, wait until they stand next to the second Cairn stone map marker then walk into the empty room. This will give you a chance to run towards them and turn around and have all the Sprites direcly in front of you with the Knights safely behind you giving you a better chance of keeping your companions alive as you eliminate the bottlenecked enemy.

Be sure to shepherd your companions out of the cavern as there is a small chance of a bug of one or both remaining inside and breaking a future Quest.