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Tyr Magnus is the current leader of the House of Valor, son of the previous leader, his father Hroth Magnus, who he defeated a few seasons ago to claim the position of leadership. Tyr has since turned the House of Valor Colosseum into one of the biggest spectacle in all of the Faelands. He's not so much a business minded person as he is a person who simply loves money, and the luxuries that money brings with it. If anyone threatens that aspect, he is not afraid to break the rules to ensure his victory.


House of Valor in the southwestern corner of Alserund, in the Detyre region


A Valorous Proposition


From what many people say about watching the final battle between him and his father, Hroth Magnus, it sounds like he was poisoned before the fight to ensure Tyr's victory.

Tyr enjoys a life of luxury, and to that end he spent a small fortune moving his home, the Champion's Manor to the House of Valor.

There are four Journals providing background for this character, Tyr's Journal I, Tyr's Journal II, Tyr's Journal III and Tyr's Journal IV.


When one first meets Tyr, one can finish the quest by going Aggressive and killing him and his guards rather than by talking to him. However, if one leaves the immediate room (for example, by going upstairs in his house, he will return once again at full strength. Note that even if no one outside the house sees the Fateless One's crimes, the entire town will be hostile. If one escapes the area and waits out the town's hostility, Tyr Magnus will be available as normal as an enemy throughout the rest of the quest line.


Tyr wields a Longsword, and often uses Relentless Assault and Comet Strike.

Tyr's sword is a scaled version of the unique one handed sword Flameblade