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Ungris Yriden is a Varani smuggler who is in prison for "disgracing" a great house's daughter, in the city of Rathir.


He can be found at the City Watch, within Lower City.



Well, you're no guard. Here to let me out, is that it? That's a jest, mind you. Even if I could slip out of here, the damned Watch would have me back before you could count twelve. I'd swear the stones spy for them.

upon your first encounter.

What am I here for, you mean? Would you believe I disgraced a great house's daughter? Didn't think you would. I had a right good swindle going with some Wending lads. But are they locked up? No. Bloody Alfar double standard.

when asked about Prison.

Let's just say if you carried a hundred crates form ship to vault, no one's none the wiser if one or two things go missing from every haul.

when asked about this "Swindle".

Whenever they do let me loose, I don't fancy I'll stay longer than a whore's wink. Anywhere else in Amalur - that's where I'd rather be.

when asked about Rathir.

What's this now? A notice, is it? To go to war? Ha ha! Fresh air, a blade in your hand, and comrades at you side? Give it here.

upon your response: Would this notice help?

My charter to sail from port, as it were. And all thanks to you.

when asked about the Notice of Duty.

They say trees grow upside down there, and the moon shines brighter than the sun. Of course, you should hear what they said of this damned city.

when asked about Klurikon.

My ticket out of here. My ticket to freedom.