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I've stolen Dead Kel's pirate ship, The Requiem, and I can now leave the island. However, I still have business on Gallows End. I should speak to Captain Brattigan to learn how to find Bridgette Malloi so I can protect her from the spy.


Cape Solace[]

Fate door

The mysterious 'fate door'

Souldeep Fasting[]

  • At the end of the corridor awaits a new, fancy fate-blasting feature: Fate Door.
    • Those are supposedly invisible to others, and may recharge the Fate meter when opened. It seems someone here does indeed possess fate-twisting powers.
    • This is a point of no return, as once the Fateless One jumps down the Fasting cannot be exited until after Bridgette Malloi is dealt with.


  • At the north-east corner of the passage leading back to the beginning of the Fasting there are two more 'fate doors'. In order to open these the Fateless One must enter the reckoning mode manually. Behind one door is a pair of chests containing random items. Behind the other door is a collection of plants.
  • There are also some fate doors inside several other fastings.