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Meet Ambassador Keen in the Embassy Hall in the Gardens of Ysa. She tells you to meet with her in the worship circle near the city gates after dark.


Talk to Mythany Keen in the Embassy Hall in Ysa. She will ask you to meet her in the worship circle near the city gates after dark.

When you meet Ambassador Keen, she tells you the Varani are planning to attack Ysa, so you should kill Ambassador Brenner, steal her Daggers and then discretely dispose them.

  1. At night Ambassador Brenner takes walks around Memory Walk. Follow the quest marker to her location and then kill her when no guards are nearby. This is best done by sneaking up behind her, activating aggressive mode and performing a stealth kill.
  2. Take the Varani blades from her body and sell them or salvage them at a Blacksmithing Forge. Again the quest marker will guide you.
  3. Return to Ambassador Keen and take your reward.

You can also tell Ambassador Brenner about the plot against her. She will ask you to kill Ambassador Keen instead, then deliver the Varani daggers to a courier in Ayten.

  1. Wait until night and assassinate her near the shrines. You will want to enter aggressive mode and sneak attack the ambassador.
  2. Loot the daggers from her and take them to the location requested by Ambassador Brenner.
  3. Meet with Alvar Bolf in the Ayten inn and hand over the Varani daggers to complete the quest.
  4. Return to Ambassador Brenner and take your reward.


  • Level-dependent Gold and XP for quest completion
  • Some Items (potions and reagents)


  • If you pickpocket the daggers before killing Ambassador Brenner, the quest becomes bugged. You won't be able to loot the daggers from the body, since you already have them, but the quest log will still tell you to loot them. This bug may be circumvented by selling the daggers and repurchasing them, or by informing Ambassador Brenner of the plot and killing Ambassador Keen instead.
  • Killing Ambassador Keen can be a little bit tricky if you don't want to commit a crime, one way is using the mines from the Rogue skill tree, place 4 in her feet and get some distance from all the other NPCs, then toggle aggressive mode and all the mines will explode killing her without anyone noticing it was you.
  • Another major bug is the game will allow you to salvage the "engraved varani daggers" which will cause an immediate quest failure or bug the quest permanently. (Bug still exists as of 10/17/2020) If you're lucky and it's the former you must wait until after talking to the Questgiver after the murder, then salvage them.  The Quest requires you to destroy the daggers. (This Bug is also in Re-Reckoning as well).