Hello the Amalur Wiki community! I'm WikiaWizard and I'm an editor here as you may have noticed from my recent edits. I have had prior experience editing on Wikia at the Fable Wiki. At the moment a vast majority of my edits will be revamping some of the older pages here on the wiki and streamlining articles so that there's a general order to how they look and are set out. Now this leads onto the main point of this News post - updating the Amalur Wiki:Editing guideline.

At the moment the guidelines seem to have done a pretty good job of maintaining the same standard across most the pages. However, as some may also have noticed, there are a number of articles which cause "exceptions" to the guide. Now, I'm not saying that every article has to follow what it outlines word for word (hence the fact that they are called "guidelines" and not "rules"!) as this would be unconventional and really hard to follow. What I am suggesting is that we (the community) add to the current guidelines to incorporate the exceptions which are most prominent across many articles here in this blog post.

Here are the ones that I currently think should be discussed:

Updated! See Updates Section below

*Should the "Description" sub-section on articles about items sometimes have information have a tab space (appears as : in Source Mode) such as Foundation Report or not as seen on Naros Chronicle

  • What is the pixel size of images we use for the infoboxes on articles (excluding NPC pages)? I noticed that some were 250px and others were 200px. Which should we use?
    • The size of images in infoboxes for NPCs. Some images are full size (e.g. High King Titarion) whilst others are smaller (250px) but still fill the infobox (e.g. Rast Brattigan and some don't fill the whole box (at 200px e.g. Luca Soren). Again, which do you prefer?

I personally think that we don't need to use a space in front of information listed under Descriptions. I also prefer information in this section should be in italics like Liturgy of the Word rather than Famed Mages but I would like the rest of the community's input on this first.

Feel free to place any suggestions you wish to propose in this post too and I hope to talk with you soon!


Here is a list of changes which is updated as the community reach a consensus on actions to be taken:

Changes currently in action

  • The Amalur Wiki's standard written language is American English (EN-US).
  • Indents should not be used in the Description and removed from pages that currently have them,
  • Italics should be used for item Descriptions and not apostrophes and,
  • All images in infoboxes (currently excluding item infoboxes) should be changed to 250px.
  • Links to other articles when mentioned on a page should be linked once and then again if mentioned later on (not excessively with each mention).
  • Categories need more sub-divisions and be reorganised:
    • The old category system is being "rebuilt from scratch" and new categories are being created in the manner as mentioned below and in the Guidelines. See Amalur_Wiki:Editing guideline#Category Formatting for more information.
    • The NPC category is now redundant and so only the Character category should be used.
      • Note: the term NPC is still used as the template name and how we describe in-game characters (which we can't play as). (This is similar to the system used to categorise NPC's on the Elder Scrolls Wiki - see their policy here).

Changes awaiting further input

  • Should images in infoboxes for items be set to 200px or 250px? (Consensus reached)
  • Should all images be set to a standard image size e.g. 250px? (Consensus reached)
  • Should links to other articles be used each time the word is mentioned on the page? (Consensus reached)
  • Should the correct written language be American English or British English? (Consensus reached)
  • What format should Merchant pages be in?
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