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On September 6th, 2018 THQ Nordic announced it had acquired Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning in addition to its related intellectual property, including the cancelled MMO Copernicus project.[1][2][3][4]. This news comes six years after 38 Studios filed for bankruptcy in 2012.

A copy of the press release from THQ Nordic is provided below:

Vienna/AUSTRIA, Providence, RI/USA, September 5th, 2018: THQ Nordic today announced that the acquisition of the intellectual property “Kingdoms of Amalur” has been finalized with 38 Studios LLC, based in Providence, RI, US. The deal also covered the acquisition of the “Amalur” - based on the abandoned MMORPG project “Copernicus”.

The acquisition itself is being handled by THQ Nordic AB, based in Karlstad, Sweden, and daily operations (sales and distribution, evaluation of sequels & new content etc.) will be done via THQ Nordic GmbH in Vienna, Austria.

However the publishing rights remain with Electronic Arts (EA)[5][6][7] meaning a re-release or remaster is not possible unless they receive permission from EA.

However this does not stop THQ Nordic from making new games for the Amalur series.[8]

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