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Strong. Enduring. Weathered.

The human clans known as the Varani can be found throughout Amalur, as much at home on the high seas as in the villages and outposts they inhabit. Though not as culturally refined as the Almain, the Varani have brought commerce and a degree of civilization to the wilds of The Faelands. While lacking political motivation for involvement in the war against the Tuatha, many Varani have found employment fighting in the mortal armies as mercenaries. The battle-hardened fierceness of the Varani has given them a well-earned reputation as a valuable ally in the seemingly unwinnable conflict.

Short description[]

Hardened by the high seas, the Varani are just as frequently pirates and mercenaries as they are shrewd merchants. They favor swords and daggers as seaworthy weapons.


The Varani are said to have descended from an ancestry shared in common with the Almain, and long ago migrated north and away from the fertile lands of southern Alfaria. The word 'Varani' is derived from the Jottun word for traveler or trader, and despite many attempts by Almain, Alfar and others to bring the Varani under their influence they have remained independent from any government. It is said that the desire to avoid governance is what drove the Varani away from the human kingdoms of the Almain and Bassawin. As such, the Varani are to be found inhabiting islands off the coast as much as the coast itself.


The Varani are similar to Almain in average size and are typically more fair-skinned and fair-haired. They often feature elaborate tattoos or jewelry to accent their otherwise practical cold weather clothing. Their garments are made to withstand the rigors of the sea travel as well as the cold of the Icebrine coast, from whence they originate. Jewelry is usually made from gold, and nobles often wear silks and pelts as well. The influence of other cultures can easily be seen in their manner of dress, including the rich colors of the Alfar. Varani men usually groom long beards and sometimes braid them, and the Varani women traditionally plait their hair.

Varani society[]

The Varani are a mostly nomadic seafaring people, found along the Icebrine coast and other lands along the northern coast. They have small settlements that serve as trading outposts, but are merchant sailors more than farmers or fishermen. Varani society is a non-gender-based meritocracy. All roles aboard ship are valued, and while not all be equal, they are not without their place and purpose. The Varani believe that anyone who is cunning, and able to hold his or her own deserves a place aboard a ship. The Varani are not as religious as the Almain, but are considered very superstitious. They use charms and amulets to ward off evil. While there is no unifying religion, the Varani are sensitive to signs and omens, and they have a strong concept of Luck. Most of their superstitions involve the sea, which they regard with respect.

Notable Varani NPCs in the game[]


  • If the Fateless One is a Varani man, his default name will be Stigandr.
  • If the Fateless One is a Varani woman, her default name will be Isolda.