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Ah, Asker's Ale! Reminds me of old Gorhart. That's my home. Or - it was.


Varen Seawine is an Almain mage that can be found in the city of Rathir. He was expelled from the Scholia Arcana and now he drinks his sorrows away at the Seafoam Tavern.

He has a sister, Alisen Seawine, that came to the city to visit him. She is incredible curious and is marveled that her brother is a member of the Scholia. This turned out to be a problem for Varen, since he didn't tell her that he was expelled. Varen is now being summoned to the war-front, and this makes him worry about his sister, since she knows no one in the city and he is afraid that she could end up living in the Wending.


He can be found at the Seafoam Tavern, within Lower City.



You're from the Scholia Arcana aren't you? Here to embarrass me? Well I don't care. I'm glad I was dismissed. I'll drink to it, in fact.

upon your first encounter with him.

Those cowards dismissed me - afraid of me... afraid of how difficult it'd be to train me!

when asked about the Scholia Arcana.

One thing I've learned: the ladies here are like the Spire. Breathtakingly beautiful and completely unassailable. Especially to a failure like me.

when asked about the city of Rathir.

So you met my sister? She's been in Rathir almost as long as I have, following me around. I didn't have the heart to tell her... I'm her hero and I'm nothing but a drunk! Please don't tell her what happened.

when asked about his sister, Alisen Seawine.

While doing 'Tidings of War'

Like a game of cards? I do. The real games are down in the Wending, at the back of the Tunnels.
Kest's your man. Think he's got the only table in those tunnels - and the best game in town.

when asked about the Card Games.

What is this? Ah, it was only a matter of time before the army found me out. Just my luck... This calls for another drink. I'll have to pack my things - ah Alisen! How do I tell my sister? Where will she live?

upon your response: This is for you.

Army wages can pay for Alisen now, but I'm leaving her. I'll send money - I hope she doesn't end up in the Wending.

when asked about his sister.

Let them sleep in their lofty towers. I'm headed for a real life; not sitting in front of books all day and being condescended to.

when asked about the Scholia Arcana.

After 'Revelation'

You - you're the new Archsage. I - it's a pleasure, your sageishness. An honor!

upon encounter as the Archsage.