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I've been a wine merchant for several years, sailing up and down the coast to find the best vintages. But I don't need to do that anymore... now that I've got the chalice.


Veinrich the Peddler is an Almain wine merchant that can be found in the city of Rathir.

He has the Chalice of Forced Vintage, one of the objectives of the Travelers quest: 'Something Borrowed'.


He can be found at the Seafoam Tavern, within Lower City.



Well, hello there, stranger. Grab a mug and have a drink, if you want. I don't own the place, but I know the drink is good. After all, I brought it here.

upon your first encounter with him.

Isn't it a grand thing? Takes whatever swill I want and turns it into the sweetest summer wine. I'll be the richest wine merchant in Rathir!

when asked about the Chalice of Forced Vintage.

The city has seen better times, and it's been frantic here ever since the war touched down in Tywili... but I love it all the same.

when asked about Rathir.