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Vengal gave his daughter, Tavvy, this sword when he apprenticed her with the Merchant's Guild. Now Lady Tavvy is a wealthy merchant, fearsome in battle or bargain.

Damage Breakdown[]



The Vengal's Vengeance can be found randomly in one of the five Statues of Amman (Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring, & Esharra) scattered across Odarath by using the corresponding key to unlock each statue once the wards have been dispelled.


  • Despite its weak performance in combat, the Vengal's Vengeance remains one of the most valuable unique weapons that can be acquired early in the game thanks to it's ability to raise the Fateless One's mercantile skill when equipped, thus increasing both the amount of gold acquired and saved from selling to or buying from merchants respectively.


  • The Vengal's Vengeance is currently unobtainable from the Statues of Amman in the PS4 release of Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning, if playing on hard or very hard mode. This is not actually a difference from the original release. Bloodhunter is obtained in lieu of Vengal's Vengeance on hard mode and above, as it always was.