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I have done little in my many seasons than venture to this place and attempt to gain an audience with King Titarion. I have yet to succeed, but I keep coming.


He appears to be disliked by many in Ysa, as when first approached, he refuses to leave Ysa and comments that there is always someone looking to get him out. He is awaiting his chance to meet High King Titarion, whom he has waited many seasons to finally meet in person.

He will greet the Fateless One as "your eminence" if the questline of the House of Ballads has been completed. It is noted that he admires greatly the storyteller, Hallam the White.

He also trains the Fateless One in basic Sagecrafting.


After completing the quest Oh, the Indignitaries, he can be found in The Font in his place in line.



  • If you have accepted 'Oh, the Indignitaries' without first talking to Viscount Setter, you do not have the option to train sagecrafting until you complete the quest. After completion, you will find him outside the Court of Summer and he will offer training.


Welcome, little one. Any news?
Greetings. What have I done now? Someone in Ysa is always looking to send me away. But I won't go. No. Well, if it isn't the mortal I've heard so much about. Congratulation on your successes in the House of Ballads. Well done indeed.

upon your first meeting (there is an extra phrase if the Fateless One has already completed the House main questline).

All those who come to greet the king must first be granted permission by the Hall of Appointments in the Understyle, which I might say, seems rather inconvenient. You mortals are talented at fighting what is natural. Perhaps this is your influence.

when asked about the Hall of Appointments.

I have heard he is a noble spirit, a beacon of wisdom and calm in this changing world. I will never know for certain if this is true unless I look upon him directly.

when asked about High King Titarion.

While doing 'Oh, The Indignitaries':

I await news from the Hall of Appointments, but surely you aren't their messenger. The ruler of the House of Ballads serves no one.
Order? I care nothing for order. It is the others who insist on such foolishness and frippery. However, if you are the one who determines such things, may I ask that you place me behind the Warlord Whenery. I enjoy watching her backside travel.

when asked: In what order should you enter?

It would be best if Gorronet trails far behind Great Huntress Hartwen. Once at each other's throats, those two are difficult to tear apart.

if persuaded: How do you really feel?

Always a pleasure. I am at your service, fleshy master.

upon your response: Thanks for talking.