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Bisarane has asked me to join him in the audience chamber of the House of Sorrows. There we will discuss my first mission to help save the House from the Tuatha's attacks.


During this quest the Fateless One must protect the Fae Taibreah so that she may glean the sorrows of a recently-murdered member of the House and find a clue as to the identity of the House's enemy.




  • After completing this mission If you haven't already you can no longer get the Master-level Training (Dispel) by Dionaeach as she and all members of the House of Sorrows are gone completely from the game.
  • After completing the previous quest and leave the House of Sorrows straight away through the front door without speaking to Bisarane, the entrance to the House of Sorrows will be locked, but can be opened with the Heartstone.
  • If you sell this Heartstone you will find a bug, after you re-buy this Heartstone you can't enter to the House of Sorrows again