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Nothing to tell, really. My wife and I lived in Rathir, until we had to take work elsewhere. She in the army and me in this rough outfit. I hate being apart.


Vonne Gortan is a Ljosalfar mercenary in Whitestone in Apotyre. He is a widower, having lost his wife Joanne to the War.


He can be found stationed at the entrance opposite Beorn in Whitestone.

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I pity you. No one likes a messenger.
What's there to say? It's an unfortunate affair and I don't foresee anyone coming out the better for it. I only hope that many return from the front lines unharmed.

when asked about the Crystal War

Joanne never wanted children. She said it was too harsh a world for young ones, said we should use our lives to make a difference. I have to believe she was right. The Army rejected me on account of my missing toes, so I came here, to make extra coin while Joanne was away. To wait for her. Now, it seems, I'll wait forever.

when asked about Joanne Vortan

Same as anyplace else, in my opinion. I just stick to the job: guard, train, and rough up anyone who gets in the way of the mayor's plans.

when asked about Whitestone