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A book about the royal Dvergan ship Barufakir and its captain, Prince Kaleva.


Voyage of the Barufakir

The Barufakir was one of the two royal ships of the Dverga fleet, captained by Prince Kaleva Maht. Its counterpart was the Naglfar, captained by Kaleva's father, King Maht. While the King's ship was blessed with the ability to safely navigate any seas, the Prince's ship was imbued with great speed. They sailed together at the head of the fleet, searching for a new home for the Dverga in the lands called Grundholm.

One day, the fleet came across an island that looked to be suitable for settlement. The Naglfar, closer to shore, skirted the coast to determine the best place to land. The Barufakir, meanwhile, proceeded to scout the surrounding waters. In the sea east of the island, Kaleva and his crew encountered a violent tempest. Beyond the tempest, the Prince glimpsed what appeared to be an island. Undeterred by the storm, the reckless prince sailed onwards, believing the Barufakir's speed would protect him.

As soon as the ship entered the periphery of the tempest, it was pulled fully into the swirling storm. The Dvergan crew of the Barufakir swept into the deadly waters by mighty waves, and the ship was dashed against the jagged reef surrounding the hidden island. Though he held on with all his strength, Kaleva was washed overboard as the Barufakir splintered beneath his feet. Knocked unconscious and nearly drowned, the Prince would not awaken for several days.

Prince Kaleva awoke famished and thirsty on the hidden island's sandy beach. Beyond the shore lay the roiling tempest which churned endlessly and obscured the seas beyond it. The remains of the Barufakir, impaled upon the reefs and shoals within the storm, were slowly slipping beneath the water. Though he combed the sands for survivors, Kaleva only found the broken bodies of his crew. No one else had survived. After foraging for food, he consigned his dead crewmen to the depths and built himself a small shelter.

By the end of the first week, Prince Kaleva realized that he was not alone on the island.


  • Voyage of the Barufakir cannot be removed from inventory.