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Proud son of Forstid Traders. My name is gold in every watering hole and bawd-house in Rathir and... well, I'm not really allowed out of Rathir.


Walen Forstid is a rake who lives in Rathir. He is the son of Shalarein Forstid. She does not like his way of living at all and intends to send him to military service.

Additionally, he has crossed a warrior named Daltan Eames, who challenged him to a duel. So, with the help of Jeibir Calurin and the Fateless One, he intends to fake his own death and escape the city and his mother.


He can be found at the Seafoam Tavern in the Lower City.



Get this - I wake up yesterday morning with the worst headache, no shirt, and a note that I'm fighting a duel. Me! Fighting a duel! Don't know how I got into it, but it's all rot unless I can find a second.

upon your first encounter with him.

I swear, I don't remember a thing. Apparently I challenged Daltan Eames, the "war hero" - over the honor of my sister. I do seem to remember him and his bulky arms sitting smugly in the Sea Foam, taunting me.

when asked about the Duel.

Surely you've heard of him. Back from Klurikon and everyone's talking about his exploits on the battlefield. They used to talk about my exploits with society daughters.

when asked about Daltan Eames.

You can't fight a duel without one. Now you might be thinking, a popular fellow like Walen, what trouble could he have finding a second? Well. Turns out my friends are all drunken cowards. Look - you seem tough enough. Be my second and I'll make it worth your while.

when asked: A second?

Thank Lupoku. There is... something else I should mention. There's no way in all Amalur I'll win this fight. So I've devised a plan: Before you go to Daltan - that's my opponent - find Gelphyne in the Wending and ask for some Rose-of-Shadows. She'll know what you mean. Then, go to the Officer's Hall in the Burn and on the sly, put some on Daltan's sword-point when you inspect it.

if chosen the response: I'll be your second.

All in good time, my friend. All in good time.

when asked about the Rose-of-Shadows.

The way I see it, I'm doomed to end up in Mel Senshir, and I'd rather - I'd rather cut the nose off my face than live a soldier's life. I want some freedom, and you're going to help me, right?

when asked about His Plan.

After you've got the Rose-of-Shadows from Gelphyne in the Wending, you've got to talk to Daltan, in the Officer's Hall. Tell him I'm ready. He'll show you his dueling sword. Dab a bit of the Rose-of-Shadows on it. Then come back to me.

when asked: What do you want me to do, again?

Now, time for my part in this business.

Upon your return:

Well, you're not the only one who's been busy. I've called in every last favor in my book. Now there's only one last thing, for after the duel.
I have it all worked out. With your help, I'll be free of Rathir - free of the war - free as a lark! I need to prepare for the duel, and I can't be seen near the docks. I need you to find Jeibir there and give him the name of the ship I chartered: the Maid of Fortune. That's where I escape once everyone thinks I'm dead.

when asked: What's the last thing?

A very mild poison. Don't ask how I know - or why Gelphyne sells it. You appear dead for the length of a day, then you wake with a terrible headache.

when asked about the Rose-of-Shadows.

The Rose-of-Shadows will very quickly make me seem dead to that warrior-oaf. I'll be moved from a coffin to a shipping crate. From shipping crate to Maid of Fortune's hold. From there, the high seas - and beyond! No Rathir, no war, not a care.

when asked about The Plan.

A simple thing, really. Find Jeibir on the docks. Tell him the chartered ship is the Maid of Fortune. Fitting name, don't you think?

when asked: What is the plan now?

When you're done, meet me at the dueling ground.