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Warsworn SET

Full set, male

Warsworn armor set female

Full set, female

Warsworn Armor Set is a unique set of armor found by doing quest for the Warsworn or searching their keeps.

This ancient armor carries the marks and deeds of Warsworn heroes gone before. Their watchful spirits guide and protect the wearer in battle.

Note: acquiring this armor at a low level will drastically affect its overall base armor. Try getting to a higher level before completing the Warsworn faction quests if you want the best results. A level 27 (or higher) Fateless One will definitely get the stats below.

Stern Helm
Durability: 48 Defense: 51
Might Finesse Sorcery
+5% Melee Block Efficacy
+1 Health Regen pre Sec
Seeker's Plate
Durability: 48 Defense: 208
Might Finesse Sorcery
+10% Melee Block Efficacy
+1 Mana Regen per Sec
Dauntless Chausses
Durability: 48 Defense: 104
Might Finesse Sorcery
20 0 0
+5% Melee Block Efficacy
+1 to Might Abilities
Auspice Gauntlets
Durability: 48 Defense: 28
Might Finesse Sorcery
10 0 0
+5% Melee Block Efficacy
+15% Physical Damage
Blazoned Boots
Durability: 48 Defense: 28
Might Finesse Sorcery
12 0 0
+5% Melee Block Efficacy
+10% Armor

Set Bonus[]

Pieces : Bonus :
2 +15% Armor
3 +20% Physical Resistance
4 +15% Elemental Resistance

How to get it[]


Kingdoms of Amalur Warsworn Armor (Ceremonial Might Armor) Locations

To obtain the helmet
Reward for completing The Heart of Sibun.
To obtain the leggings
Reward for completing The House of No Doors.
To obtain the chest piece
Reward for completing The Isle of Eamonn.

After completing The Isle of Eamonn, Tine Delfric will also give the Fateless One the Warsworn Monument Key, which will allow the opening of two chests in Shieldring Keep and Helmgard Keep.

To obtain the gloves
Go to Shieldring Keep; in the southwest wing of the keep, where the blacksmith, merchant, forge, and trainer are, enter the secret door to the right at the end of the hall where it meets the services area. The chest is at the very end of the path behind the hidden door. Use the key obtained during the quest line to open the chest and loot it.
To obtain the boots
Return to Helmgard Keep. Proceed to area across from the armory. In the far left corner, there is a chest which says "Unlock chest" in red. Use the key again and the chest will yield the boots. However, this is considered theft and the whole Keep will turn against the Fateless One. (This doesn’t happen if you crouch down first and not be caught in the act)