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Fate weapons

Fate Weapons as seen in the Fate-Touched Weapons Pack

There are many weapons to choose from in the Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, each with their own special traits and abilities. There are a total of nine different weapon types - three weapons distinct to Might, Finesse and Sorcery destinies.


Each type is associated with a corresponding ability tree, and within those are perks which enhance the Fateless One's proficiency with a specific weapon allowing them to increase the damage dealt, number of attacks, special moves etc.

Every weapon has two generic properties: durability and damage.

  • Durability is a weapon's health. It decreases as the weapon is used, and the weapon will break when its durability reaches zero. Durability can be restored by making repairs by paying NPCs-blacksmiths, or by using a Repair Kit. Also, unique items will generally have higher durability than non-unique ones.
  • Damage is the total amount of damage inflicted by a weapon when you land a hit with it. Damage is calculated by summing all weapon damage bonuses (physical damage, piercing damage, elemental damages, etc.), and counting damage-over-time effects as if they work for one second.

Weapons can be found, bought or crafted. However crafting a weapon blacksmithing requires at least two components that are unique to each. The Blacksmithing skill can improve the components salvaged from existing weapons and armor, as well as the quality of weapons that are created. The Mercantile skill will decrease the amount of gold needed to buy weapons and increase the amount of gold received when selling items. The Detect Hidden skill will help in the finding of weapons and other items from defeated enemies, as well as help increase the amount of gold found around Amalur.

Might Weapons[]


Main article: Longsword

Longswords are the fastest Might-oriented weapon a character can have. They do not inflict as much damage as Greatswords or Hammers, but their damage can still be increased by adding points to the Longsword Mastery ability.


Main article: Hammer

Hammers are the slowest melee weapon, but they make up for it by having the highest damage of the melee weapons. Their damage can be further increased by upgrading the Hammer Mastery ability. 


Main article: Greatsword

Greatswords are slower than Longswords, but faster than Hammers. The Greatsword also has higher damage than Longswords, and lower damage than Hammers. This weapon is capable of dealing excellent damage to multiple targets with a simple swing. The damage for this weapon can be increased via the Greatsword Mastery ability.

Sorcery Weapons[]


Main article: Staff

The premier weapon for magic users. The staff has a three hit combination: The first is a short ranged hit, the second is a medium ranged hit, and the third is a wave of the staff's element in a medium range in front of you. The Arcane Weaponry ability allows the staff to be charged to release a shockwave from the ground. The damage can also be increased through the Staff Mastery ability.


Main article: Sceptre

A longer range weapon that fires a blast of elemental energy for a small amount of mana. The shot can also be charged much like the Longbow, however, other than a launching attack from blocking stance that you get from Arcane Weaponry II it's the only weapon in the game that doesn't gain further special attacks. Its damage can be increased through the Sceptre Mastery ability.


Main article: Chakrams

Chakrams are medium-long range weapon that have a five hit combo, each time hitting the enemy with a different chakram. The Arcane Weaponry ability allows the Chakrams to be charged to perform a spinning attack that hits all enemies in the area around you. Chakram damage can be increased through the Chakram Mastery ability.

Finesse Weapons[]


Main article: Daggers

The standard weapon of performing automatic kills on most human enemies and some other enemies during a sneak attack. The Precise Weaponry ability allows them to be charged to perform a lunging attack, and the damage output can also be increased by the Envenomed Edge, Blade Honing and Dagger Mastery abilities.


Main article: Faeblades

The weapon of choice for the members of the House of Ballads. They consist of two curved daggers put together and placed in one hand. The Faeblades perform automatic kills during sneak attacks but unlike daggers, the wielder will not return to 'stealth' mode. However, they are more efficient in battle than Daggers in normal combat. The Precise Weaponry ability lets you charge them to perform a jumping, spinning attack, while their damage output can be increased by adding points to the Envenomed Edge, Blade Honing and Faeblade Mastery abilities.


Main article: Longbow

A long-ranged weapon, the Longbow is unique in that it has a line of abilities that increase the damage output of the Longbow as well as your quiver size as well as having a Longbow Mastery ability. Drawpower increases piercing damage, while Barbed Arrows increases bleeding damage. It can also be charged to release a more powerful shot without any special ability, but also gains a spreadshot attack and a "rain of arrows" attack from the Scattershot and Arrow Storm abilities, respectively.

Weapon Bonuses[]

Main article: Weapon Bonuses

All weapons may have one of a number of general bonuses when found as loot. These bonuses are indicated by an adjective that replaces the quality and material of the weapon.

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