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  • Talk to Gertern Asker in Asker's Alley inside the city of Ysa. He will send you to talk to Jakasen in Ysa's Lyceum Grove.
  • Jakasen asks that you test a potion he developed. After drinking the potion the Fateless One falls unconscious. Following this the Fateless One wakes up in Asker's Alley with further instructions on where to obtain Bristletongue.
    • Upon waking, the player is presented with the following message:
A Splitting Headache
As the darkness fades from your vision, you recall Jakasen's last words. He mentioned something about the Bristletongue growing in the garden high on the Font.... Unfortunately, your memory of his instructions blur as your head begins to pound.
  • Travel to the Font to harvest the Bristletongue and collect its seeds then return to Gertern Asker.


  • XP & Gold (both level-dependent)
  • You will receive a 2 tier reduction in prices and get more when you sell goods in the shop.