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Missing Person - Alserund

Apothecary Eldric Orhelm left Whitestone on the western road twelve days past. He went seeking one Bodine Borgues in Alserund, and was to send news back to Whitestone on his arrival. He can be recognized by a fine carved walking stick he keeps by him. Any news regarding Eldric to be rewarded with coin of gold.


Whereabouts Unknown can be started by taking the entry "Missing Person - Alserund" from the Ironfast Keep quest board.

  • Eldric Orhelm's corpse can be found near one of the Lorestones in the area.
  • The Fateless One needs to loot his walking stick to claim the reward.
  • Then return to Adrith Deofrit in Ironfast keep to collect your reward (XP and Gold, both level-based).
  • If you become a Forsworn after accepting Khamazandu's Gift, you will fail this quest if you have not yet completed it.