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Whispering Witch is a member of the Hanged Men and supposedly Dead Kel's lover. She is not only a powerful mage, but also a skilled fateweaver. She was the original owner of The Requiem but gave it to Dead Kel when his own ship was sunk.

She supposedly died when the Alfar Navy caught Dead Kel and his men by surprise hundreds of years ago. Resurrected by Dead Kel, she works tirelessly to help him gain the Blessing of Akara so that he can be free.

In order to achieve this, she strikes at Bridgette Malloi, the woman chosen to become the next Scion. The Whispering Witch possess Bridgette and lashes out at one of the Watchers, running deep into the Souldeep Fasting and sealing the doors with her keen fate weaving powers.

When the Fateless One confronts her while she was in control of Bridgette's body, she ponders about how he/she gained the power to tear through the fate, where as her power was to weave the fate. Once her hosts body is defeated, she reveals herself and fights the Fateless One, eventually being defeated.

With her death, Dead Kel lost his best chance to gain the Blessing of Akara.


Confronted in the Souldeep Fasting during Until Death.



It's not known if Bridgette Malloi dies because of her wounds from the fight, or if it's because the Witch left her body, or a combination.

Unlike other fateweavers, she can weave the lines of fate, supposedly being able to change fate this way. Similar, but also completely different, to the Fateless One's ability to change fate.