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White Nil Kern, they call me. I wore white when I went to war. Now, it's my age.


White Nil Kern is a Ljosalfar veteran who fought in the war. Now, he is settled in the village of Tirin's Rest and serves as the commander of the militia there. He states that receives orders only from priestess Corelon, since she became the "spiritual guide" for the townsfolk.


He can be usually be located at the Reedsong Inn, within Tirin's Rest. After the events of Tirin's Secret, he will be found within the Cove.



Not a refugee, are you? Don't look it. No Fae, no refugees. Not in Tirin's Rest.

upon your first encounter with him.

They'd have done well to lead a pious life before the war! They think they can come crawling here for a second chance. But it's too late! The wheat has been parted from the chaff. There is nothing for them but to accept their fate as Lyria dealt it.

when asked about the Refugees.

Tuatha, Summer, Winter - it makes no difference. They're no friend of mortal kind. What do you expect of a thing with no grasp of morality, or honor, or death?

when asked about the Fae.

The Priestess guides and I guard. She lights the path and I keep a sharp eye for those that stray.

when asked about Priestess Corelon.

I fought in the war, but Priestess Corelon is my general now. Without her guidance, every one of us would be huddled in tents like refugees.

when asked about Tirin's Rest.

I fought in Galafor Plain and the War of Parries. Took a wound in Orieator's Lance. I served my time. Served with honor.

when asked about The War.

Well then.

While doing 'Tirin's Secret':

Look at you. So young. You don't know what war is. It's a terrible thing. Terrible.
I see. It's not pretty, but it had to be done. If you'd seen all that I have - those creatures are a menace.

upon your response: I know about Adar.

All Fae are the same. They look harmless enough, but what they are is a threat to all Alfar!

upon your response: Menace? He's no Tuatha.

You are headed to Klurikon, then? And you wish to see what you're up against. This one is the summer variety, but it is no less as dangerous. Take this key, and try to be discreet.

if chosen the response: I wish to see the enemy (succeeding in persuasion attempt).

Once you've freed Adar from his cell, you'll find White Nil at Burren Cove shouting this words:

That Fae, his face is pierced my eyes and oh! into my head!
My mead, my eyes. Burning. What did he to do them. What did he do?
All of it Fae, all of it twining growth and no where's safe. Oh.


He has written part of an autobiography titled The White At War, which can be pickpocketed off of him. It details his path from bloodshed in the War to his enlightenment in Lyria's Grace.