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Originally purpose-built by Motus Mining, mystery now surrounds this once booming frontier mining town, which is all but a ghost town since the Gnomes suddenly and unexpectedly departed. An outbreak of a ghastly disease of unknown origin killed hundreds of the Almain and Varani workers who had been attracted to town with the promise of steady work in the mines. The remaining residents of Whitestone, mostly unemployed miners themselves, eek out a meager existence in the harsh lands of Detyre, while recalling the glory days of the tyranium rush, and hoping the town will one day be restored to its former bustle.


Whitestone is built around a wooden water fountain at its center, and is surrounded by a strong stone fence with entrances from the East, Northwest, and Southwest. To the North of the fountain is the Thirsty Wench tavern, while to the South is the General Store. East of the fountain is an outdoor prison cell, and to the North of that is the Mayor's House. Further East, near the Eastern entrance to the town is a notice board called the Bone Wall.


Whitestone map

West of the Motus Mining Quarters, Apotyre. Continue north on the path from Menetyre.


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