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If they'd send me out to fight, I'd prove myself. But no. It's "stand and guard this cart, Wine," or "Walk up and down this road, Wine."


Wine Raething is a Hireling in Helmgard Keep, located next to the quartermaster Breid Brurek in the right wing, and comments that she treats him like a kid brother. He apparently regrets going to Helmgard instead of Shieldring to join the Warsworn, and doesn't have much nice to say aboutGrian Shane- or anyone else for that matter, save Bried.


New to Helmgard? It's a fine place if you're Grian's pet. Bit of a rut for a Hireling, otherwise.

upon your first encounter.

Our brave Castellan. He's not called Brighthelm for his keen wit, I'll tell you that much.

when asked about Grian Shane.

Well, we can't all find Niskaru in some forest cave. If they'd let me fight thieves and wild Fae, I could at least begin to prove myself.

when asked about the Hirelings.

Borri's a lump, Hanrik's an oaf, Grian's a lout, Gwyn's aloof, and Breid... well, Breid's all right.

when asked about Helmgard Keep.

Well, she's never mean to me. Treats me like a bit of a kid brother... which is a bit demeaning in its own way, now that I think of it.

when asked about Breid Brurek.

That's the Keep off in Dalentarth. If only I'd gone there to join.

when asked about Shieldring Keep.

Mean old bastard, locked in his tower, works his farmers like beasts. I should know; worked the land there myself, until I left.

when asked about Kandrian.

West of the strait? Been a bit of a war going on there? Surely you've heard of it.

when asked about Klurikon.

Additional Information[]

Wine doesn't seem to have any purpose besides conversation.