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Ain't much left to claw out of the dirt in Detyre, so I came here with my husband, Esklad, to try and make a living. Either that, or starve.


Winred Teiner is a beggar in the city of Adessa. Her husband had recently been arrested for stealing a loaf of bread.


Walking around the main area of Adessa, begging for food or money.



She appears to be the only beggar in Adessa who does not live in the Hospitalis Quarters. When not begging for food, she is seen curled up sleeping against the stairs to the Adessa Prison, where her husband is locked up.


Damn this city... when will it ever be done? It's just not the same without Esklad here...
Damn it all, Esklad... why'd the fool have to get himself locked up? All this for a loaf of bread?
The gnomes call this a place of enlightenment. But it comes at the cost of sympathy for wretches like us.

when asked about Adessa

My damn fool of a husband. Thought the gnomes wouldn't punish a man who is desperate from hunger. But he was wrong.

when asked about Esklad

A dark and dingy place... Don't know how, but the gnomes managed to take one of these grand buildings and turn it into an eyesore.

when asked about the Hospitalis Quarters

Yes, off with you.