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Hold the button for Ice Barrage to launch a persistent cloud of ice shards which lasts for a duration. Enemies in the blizzard suffer periodic Ice, Piercing, and Freezing Damage.


Winter's Embrace is a Sorcery-based attack that, when the button for Ice Barrage is held down, unleashes a cloud of ice shards for a duration. The shards will cause Ice, Piercing, and Freezing damage according to the ability's description, but no Freezing damage is listed for it.

Requires Ice Barrage, Frostshackle, and 70 points in Sorcery.


This ability has 5 levels normally, with levels 6 and 7 only accessible through "+1/+2 to unlocked Sorcery abilities" effects:

Damage Duration Mana Cost
10 Ice Damage,
5 Piercing Damage
15 seconds 180
15 Ice Damage,
10 Piercing Damage.
15 seconds 190
20 Ice Damage,
15 Piercing Damage.
15 seconds 200
25 Ice Damage,
20 Piercing Damage.
15 seconds 210
30 Ice Damage,
25 Piercing Damage.
15 seconds 220
35 Ice Damage,
30 Piercing Damage.
15 seconds 220
40 Ice Damage,
35 Piercing Damage.
15 seconds 220


Does not benefit from +damage on gear, thus leaving it with paltry damage.

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