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Winter's End is the last set of Lorestones to become available through the player. Its icon features the likeness of either a crystalline city or an icy crown.

Winter's End[]

The Dance[]

The Winter Court was still as fallen snow as the jester danced and capered.
Juggling knives and torches, he sang to his lords and ladies, but none smiled.
Not an eyebrow was raised as the sniveling jester imitated the King - not even when he took the crown from his head.

Because this was the day that Gadflow murdered the Winter Court.
This was the day the Tuatha were born, and our people became a sacrifice for Tirnoch.

The Forest of War[]

Since the Alabaster Wall was young, the beautiful Bonewhite Forest was a place of peace and meditation.
No piercing birdsong nor heated word could find its way between the branches.
Quiet thought prevailed - until Gadflow shattered our land.

The Tuatha's crimson axes chopped the forest for arrowshafts,
and Tirnoch's prismere spires rose up to consume what remained.
Now our forest is shattered, and screams of warfare fill its boughs.

Fallen Heroes[]

The greatest heroes of Winter have always fallen from the Bhaile's pale boughs,
from Pietra the Keen to Hoolgan the Hungry.
When the Tuatha claimed dominance over us,
heroes arose to defend Winter.

Gadflow laughed at their challenge,
and called up Tirnoch's wrath.
In a second, our most loyal heroes were impaled by Prismere spires.
Our heroes were gone, never to be reborn --
and our people succumbed to Gadflow's madness.

Gardens of the Dead[]

In happier times, the Winter Court would come here to bathe in the colors of the Midnight Gardens.
Night violets and pale moonflowers blossomed on a field of bluest grass studded with frost.
When stars aligned, the aurora borealis danced for the queen, herself.

But now the Tuatha have crushed the gardens,
and planted only corpses.
The fruit of their tortured garden is only blood red.

The End of Winter[]

At long last, Gadflow has crushed the Winter Fae,
and his Tuatha rules us utterly.
No longer are we reborn into this world,
unless his god Tirnoch wills it so.
This monster has crushed us, and our kind shall pass from this world.

But our memories might yet last.
When Gadflow has gone and his god has left for another people to ravage,
I may be freed from my tomb. And then, I may share what dreams we made.
It is the only immortality any of us may hope for, now.

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