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Winter Fae are a non-playable faction in the Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. After being corrupted by an ancient Fae Tirnoch, they are now known as Tuatha Deohn.


Though the presence of the Winter Fae, or Unseelie, may elicit a sense of foreboding, it would be a mistake to look upon them as a force of evil. They represent the waning of the seasons, the entropy and death which are a necessary part of the Great Cycle.

In recent years, the Court of Winter has been plunged into chaos by the rise of Gadflow, a murderous usurper who stole the Winter throne. Though Gadflow's stranglehold over his people is near absolute, a small group of Winter Fae cling to the old ways and oppose the mad king, seeking some say to restore balance to the world.


Just like their warmer cousins - the Summer Fae - the Unseelie are ruled by the High King, or at least they used to be. The seat of the High King was the Court of Winter in the city of Bhaile in Alabastra. It is safe to assume they had very similar rules and laws to those of their Summer cousins.

Summer and Winter courts traditionally coexist peacefully, sharing power to keep the great balance.

Also, in a similar fashion to the Summer Fae, the Winter Fae had smaller "kingdoms" - Houses with their own kings, who answered directly to the High King. Among these great houses were the House of Sorrows, the House of Vengeance and the House of Pride.

The first High King of the Court of Winter was the legendary Weeping King. At some point Mathon became the High King of the Winter Fae, yet not much is known about his reign other than his jester, Gadflow, brutally murdered him and took his throne.

It is implied by the end of the Crystal War that Cydan will be the next High King of the Winter Fae.

The Great Cycle[]

All Fae are subject to the Great Cycle, and Winter Fae are no exception. Like their Summer cousins the Unseelie are immortal, in a way. They can be physically killed, yet they do not see death as the mortals do, for there is no real finality in it for the Fae.

Once a Fae dies or is murdered, their essence returns to the mystical world of Esharra to be later reborn in the same body, a process akin to a "natural" Well of Souls.

Recent events has put an end to this, however, as Tirnoch disrupted the Great Cycle, preventing the loyalist Winter Fae, High King Mathon included, from re-birthing after their murder.

Assuming that the disruption was caused and maintained by Tirnoch, with her defeat at the hands of the Fateless One the Great Cycle should be restored and all those murdered by the Tuatha will be reborn in time.


Notable Winter Fae[]

  • Weeping King - the founder of the Winter Court
  • Mathon - the last High King of the Winter Fae
  • Gadflow - the reigning "High King" of the Winter Fae, now known as Tuatha Deohn, formerly a jester.
  • Cydan - Prince of the House of Sorrows and implied to be the next High King of the Winter Fae
  • Bisarane - the reigning puppet-king of the House of Sorrows
  • Taibreah - Delver of the House of Sorrows and the latest reincarnation of the Weeping King
  • Dren and Dyth - Fae twins, defenders of Pride and Valor respectively.
  • Maid of Windemere - a legendary figure, involved in the House of Ballads quest line.