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Audra Firan has been captured by Jottun. She has asked me to get the key to her cage from a nearby Jottun Runelord.


  • After killing four Jottun, talk to Audra Firan who is trapped in a cage. She will ask you to fetch the key.
  • The key to Audra's cage is on one of the Jottun Runelords nearby (on the path leading to the Prismere Chantry).
  • Once freed Audra, intends to continue her mission of hunting down the Witch Knight Khleran. The Fateless One should follow her to Ghennig, watching out for an ambush consisting of Tuatha and Jottun.
  • Inside the castle, the only path leading to the Witch Knight is the one to the right of the entrance. Down the center path from the entrance there is a blacksmith forge.
  • Khleran wields the faeblades Demon Horns and is accompanied by 3c
  • Once all the enemies are dead, Audra starts a conversation and ends the quest (level based XP ~ 4800 at level 38 but no Gold).


  • After initially talking to Audra and acquiring the quest from her, you may end up inside the cage with her after ending your conversation with her. The only way to get out is by fast traveling.
  • Khleran drops Demon Horns and Khleran's Sceptre, meaning two copies of these items may be obtained - one as random drop, one here.
  • Audra does not have infinite health, and if she dies, the mission fails. It's recommended to head straight for Khleran to keep her health as high as possible, as the Jottun hit hard, are difficult to stun, and knock Audra around like nobody's business. If you are having difficulty keeping her alive in the fight with Khleran and his Jottun buddies, try wearing damage increasing accessories, use a damage increase potion, and activate Fateshift to unleash maximum carnage.
  • If you find that Audra is low on health because she dies quickly, simply leave Ghennig and return. Audra's health will be reset and failing the quest will no longer be an inevitable option.
  • It is still possible to obtain Khleran's unique loot if the quest is failed because of Audra's death. Continue to proceed to the end of the dungeon, and he will be waiting. The quest will still be marked as failed, but the loot will be on his corpse.
  • If you kill the jottun at the camp BEFORE talking to Audra Firan and getting the quest, It becomes impossible to complete, with the quest marker permanently pointing to an empty camp, and apparently no way to open the cage.
  • Follow the road leading east to find Audra, and the Jottun camp is to the northwest of her cage, on the hill above the two jump off points. I killed them first, and was able to loot the key before speaking with her. The quest then progressed as normal.