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It's an honor to be taken as Hireling. And they do look after their own. Since mother fell ill, I've had more work and pay than ever before. I'm more grateful than I can say.


Wyl Rendig is a hireling of the Warsworn. As a member of Didenhill's Militia, Wyl is doing whatever he can to help his mother Liza Rendig who has become ill with the Blood Plague.

The Fateless One meets Wyl in Didenhil, after talking to him, he walks to Warden's Bridge, where he meets three other hirelings, Wyl Rendig himself, Curran Crand and Brae Folmoric. Just as Ost Ordura talks about the mission, the Fateless One arrives and joins the group.

In the last few weeks, many caravans have been attacked and merchants have been killed. The mission of the group is to find out what killed them. But Wyl is killed himself by a Niskaru close to the end of the mission.


Healer's Cottage, Didenhil (only after you undertake the quest The Road Patrol).



Warsworn work? Good. The gold's run low and my mother's not doing so well. To Warden's Bridge, it is.
Aye, the one smack in the heart of Lorca-Rane? Go north of here, then east, then south along the road.

when asked about Warden's Bridge.

It's seen its share of hardship, so I serve in the militia and do what I can.

when asked about Didenhil.

All able bodies must serve in turn. Since Warsworn know how to fight, we're usually the first called.

when asked about the Militia.

A plague troubles Didenhil. It's but a hindrance for the young and healthy. For her... for the older ones... some get through it. Others... others don't.

when asked about his mother.

Farewell, mother, I won't be long.

saying goodbye to his mother.

There you are. Ordura's running out of patience.

when you meet him at Warden's Bridge.

Scoff if you like. It's good, steady work to me.

when asked about the Patrol.

This humble work is an honor.

when asked about the Warsworn.

Every time I go, I pray she'll be there when I get back.

when asked about his mother.

Something... dark about these woods. Darker than most, I mean.

during the patrol.

Where's Curran? Oh, Mitharu!


  • It is not possible to rescue Wyl from being killed by the Niskaru. Even if you kill the Niskaru before it can attack anybody, Wyl will die.