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Not much to tell. Heard the war horn of the recruiters and packed my bags. Slipped out in the dead of night, I did. And I'm proud of it. What good is fighting when the Tuatha don't die? Besides, I'm a businessman. I got my hands on a pass into Ysa, and the rest has been waterfalls and walks by the river.


Wystran Nol is a Ljosalfar that can be found at the United Merchant's Delegation. He can provide weapons to the Fateless One.


As a weaponry merchant, Wystran sell weaponry as well as the following components:

Components - 576 g
  • Improved Assailing Rivets - 506 g
  • Improved Displacing Trim - 506 g
  • Improved Piercing Bindings - 506 g
  • Improved Prosperous Lining - 506 g
  • Improved Ravenous Fulcrum - 442 g
  • Improved Slaughtering Handle - 442 g
  • Improved Charged Hilt - 379 g
  • Improved Frosted Handle - 379 g
  • Improved Piercing Shaft - 379 g


Wystran can be found in Felltown at the United Merchant's Delegation in Ysa.


Weapons? You need any?
Get over here. We don't abide by strangers in Ysa. In this city, everyone is family. If you want to get around the Peace Edict, you'll have to keep your voice down.
It's not exactly the Quays of Rathir, or even the Hospitalis Quarters of Adessa, but Felltown has its charm. If you find out what it is, be sure to come and find me.

when asked about Felltown.

The dockside district in Rathir is a lovely place... if you're looking to have your throat cut, or contract a nasty disease. Remember it next time you travel there.

when asked about The Quays of Rathir.

You know, that neighborhood in the gnome city of Adessa where the poor live. Oh, it's a lot of fun.

when asked about the Hospitalis Quarters of Adessa.

It's better than the cellar crawlspace I called home just two months ago. Believe me. The Fae may be grumpy, but they've got nothing of giant rats.

when asked about the Gardens of Ysa.

Well, technically we're not supposed to carry or sell weapons in Ysa... but... I've found a few loopholes. As have you... If you're in the market for something deadly, I'm your man. Just don't go blabbing about it to the Fae. They've got buds of brains.

when asked about the Peace Edict.

Bye, now.