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An account of various shipwrecks found on the island of Gallows End.


Zefwyn's Log

Alfar Warship III

This wreck was in pieces, hard to tell it was even a ship once. The captain was still alive, at least for a bit. Apparently they were on leave from Mel Senshir, headed back to Rathir. They never made it back, but at least they won't have to fight anymore.

Red Legion Sloop II

The Red Legion aren't the feared pirates they once were, but they still frequent the Frostbreak Sea. It appears this one had been attacked by a Dvergan Raider, as the wood was scorched by dwarven fire. There were no survivors.

Marsariol Circus Ship I

I'd only seen these ships in person as a boy, but for some reason this circus ship wandered this far north. The bright colors painted onto its wood gave it away. There were no survivors, but there was a case of wine, which I've hidden safely away for future use.

Gnomish Trireme II

Another scholar ship washed ashore. Whatever they were hoping to research will just have to remain a mystery a little bit longer. I found piles upon piles of notes and books, but nothing valuable. I've been using the paper to keep my fire going these last few nights.

Almain Sojourner I

When i found the wreck there were a dozen survivors, but Dead Kel got the jump on me. I narrowly escaped with my life, but can't say the same for the settlers.

Arcane Carrack I

It's always a bit dangerous sifting through the wreck of a mage ship. Magical traps abound. Fortunately I didn't lose any fingers, and I did manage to find a nice wand. I think I'll see if I can't trade it to someone in Cape Solace for something more useful.

Dvergan Raider III

This wreck had actually been here quite awhile. Might even have been around from the time the Dverga settled the island. Plenty of seasteel aboard, which I can give to Paddy in case he ever does manage to reclaim that keep.


  • Zefwyn's Log cannot be sold or transferred to stash once obtained.